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How to Help Super Stressed Teachers!

#1 PROBLEM – Teachers are Super Stressed! Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you they are infinitely maxed out with “everything-COVID” on top of all the regular demands of teaching. With unsurpassed periods of lost instructional time, teachers are faced with the additional daunting task to restore student learning.

​Research-based Recommendations*

Writing by Design Solutions

District- or school-wide high-

dosage, one-on-one tutoring

​Writing by Design video lessons eliminate lesson prep and delivery time so that teachers can target individual student support aligned to online student progress reports

Extended learning time

Given existing challenges, writing instruction has slipped away from the instructional day. With an average of 63 lessons and 40 minutes/lesson, Writing by Design can easily be returned to daily schedules and the instructional calendar.

​Individualized learning plans

Writing by Design video lessons allow students to progress at their own pace allowing teachers to provide crucial one-on-one support. Learning outcomes are measured by Grading by Design online assessments.

Interested in trying about Writing by Design for yourself? Click here to start your free trial!


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