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Real Time Teaching Experiences

We sincerely appreciate your educational leadership and efforts to promoting writing proficiency!


We would love to hear, and share, your experience with Writing by Design instruction.


Please feel free to upload a short description and any photos that are acceptable to add to our photo gallery.


Thank you!


Dr. Karen Dubrule, President

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Fourth Grade Teacher

"The kids love this program.  When I tell them to take out their writing, they never complain.  They all feel like they have something to show for their efforts."


Kindergarten Student

"This is fun!"


Sixth Grade Teacher

"I've never been a very good writer and I always felt intimidated teaching writing. The ELA curriculum didn't give me the tools I needed. So when my principal bought Writing by Design, I've not only learned how to write better, I've learned how to teach writing... and teach it well!" 

Third Grade Student

"I can't believe I actually wrote this...It's so good!"

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