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Seeking confident, sales-driven professional to represent Writing by Design© and Grading by Design.



  • Lucrative commissions with potential for immediate high-earning income

  • Independent contractor agreement

  • Company provides sales presentation training and marketing support

  • Ability to work from preferred quiet location 



  • Promote Writing by Design© | Grading by Design™ sales to the following:

      - School districts

      - Private, charter, public schools

      - Homeschool systems

  • Establish marketing leads for sales presentations



  • Authentically respectful; professional

  • Effective written and verbal skills; ability to be succinct

  • Persistent, but sensitive to potential customer schedules and time demands

  • Goal-oriented self-starter

  • Organized; able to keep accurate and detailed records of contacts

  • Ability to establish positive immediate impressions

  • Convincing communicator

  • Pleasant, confident voice delivery

  • Dedication to company mission and supporting work


If interested, please email your resumé and responses to the following to


While training and support will be provided to sales representatives, your success will be determined by a resolute sales approach, understanding of our programs, and ability to make positive, professional connections with district offices, administrators, and teaching staff. To that end, please advise of the following:


  1. How much time do you plan to designate to the work?  What strategies will you use to structure your time and keep records of contacts?

  2. What characteristics of professionalism will you bring to the position?

  3. Why do you think writing instruction and effective writing skills are important?

  4. What is your level of confidence when interacting with school and district administrators? What is your experience with cold calling? 

  5. What is your experience and comfort level delivering presentations (remote or in-person)?

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